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Maliyat Journal
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Maliyat journal (Iranian Tax Review) is the first and the only magazine published in Iran in the field of tax studies. It is a bilingual (Persian and English) quarterly publication. The journal, which is currently in its 15th year of publication, offers various articles on Iranian tax law, comments on verdicts of most important tax forums of the country (like Supreme Tax Council and Court of Administrative Justice), examination of developments in tax policy, reports on tax news, analysis of new tax treaties concluded between Iran and other countries, etc. The English section of the journal provides an editorial on most significant and latest tax developments, special articles on various tax subjects, translation of rulings and regulations interested by foreign readership, etc.


President: Dr. Aliakbar Arabmazar
Editor: Dr. Mohammad Tavakkol
Address: Tax Organization, Sharak Ghods (Shahrak Gharb) Shahid Dadman Street,TehranIran.


Sites of Maliyat journal in the Internet


Persian section of the journal has one site in the Internet whose address is:

For the English section the present site is built. Principal pages of the site are as follows:

Page 1 or the Home Page (the present page) in which Maliyat journal is introduced and the content of the site is hereby described. Page 2 is allocated to issues No. 1 to 20 of Maliyat journal. There you will find separate headings for each issues, by clicking of which you can summon and read full text of the relevant issues. Issues No. 21 to 40 are presented through the page 3 and page 4 is allocated to issues No. 41 onwards. Finally the page 5 is for miscellaneous matters. More information is provided at the beginning of each page.



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